• Michael Jackson is still dearly missed
  • THIS was his family's latest tribute
  • There were touching words that highlighted his impact

With an upcoming musical biopic in the works and rare public appearances by the Jackson siblings, the legacy of the King of Pop continues to resonate with fans and family alike.

"Miss You Pops"

It's been 15 long years since the world lost its King of Pop, Michael Jackson, at the tender age of 50. The music legend, known for his unforgettable hits and groundbreaking performances, left behind a legacy that continues to thrive through his family's loving memories and tributes.

Prince Jackson, Michael's eldest son, took to Instagram to share a nostalgic photo of his dad performing at the Super Bowl XXVII halftime show. "Miss you pops," he wrote, echoing the sentiments of millions worldwide. At just 12 years old when his father passed, Prince reflects on the void left by his absence, stating, "The world felt better with you in it."

Jackie Jackson, Michael's oldest brother, shared a throwback image of the duo in their early career days, expressing his disbelief over the 15 years that have flown by.

Tito Jackson, another of Michael's siblings, opted for a simple yet poignant black and white portrait of the superstar, accompanying it with hashtags that speak volumes of the family's loss and enduring love.

Tito’s son TJ, 45, also paid tribute to his late uncle with an Instagram caption that read, "I miss you so much Uncle Michael. Thank you for all you did for me. I will always feel like the luckiest nephew to have you as an eternal source of strength, guidance and love. I love you forever."

Amidst the tributes, news of a musical biopic directed by Antoine Fuqua and starring Michael's nephew Jaafar Jackson offers a glimmer of hope and excitement for fans eager to see the King of Pop's story brought to life on the big screen.

In March, the Jackson siblings made a rare red carpet appearance together in London, showcasing their unity and commitment to preserving their father's legacy.

Prince, in particular, shared his determination to lead by example, just as Michael had taught him.

"There are a lot of complexities in life that I feel parents teach their children [about], so without that, there’s come confusion there,” he said. “And also, it’s a big legacy to uphold, you know? It would be great if I knew how he would like it to be upheld. So, in that way, I think about him every day."

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Despite the controversies and challenges, Michael Jackson's influence on music and pop culture remains unshaken. His family's tributes and the anticipation surrounding the upcoming biopic serve as a testament to the enduring love and respect for the King of Pop.

As Prince poignantly noted, Michael's music, infused with his personality, continues to be a source of strength and inspiration, ensurng that his legacy will live on for generations to come.