• This is what Bigi Jackson looks like now
  • He is Michael Jackson's youngest son
  • Bigi is super tall now

You might remember him as the cute, blanket-clad tot clinging to his famous father, but hold onto your hats, folks – Bigi Jackson (22), formerly known as Blanket, has had a serious growth spurt! Snapped at the movies, Bigi's new look is turning heads and leaving Michael Jackson's fans in awe.

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From tiny tot to towering talent

Gone are the days of the small, shy boy we saw by Michael Jackson's side. Bigi is now a statuesque figure, standing tall and looking every bit the part of a young adult with a passion for film. Dressed casually in shorts and a Star Wars tee, his shorter hair and hint of facial hair mark a new chapter for the young Jackson.

While Bigi keeps a low profile, his siblings, Paris and Prince, are no strangers to the limelight. But don't let the quiet demeanor fool you – Bigi's recent birthday brought out some brotherly love on social media, with Prince celebrating Bigi's film festival win and their tight-knit bond.

Bigi's directorial dreams and dad's advice

Bigi isn't just a pretty face; he's got talent and ambition to match. Winning Best Drama at the Santa Monica Film Festival for his work on 'Rochelles,' Bigi is chasing his childhood dream of being a director, inspired by the advice from his late father to "Follow whatever you want to do."

Despite their superstar lineage, the Jackson siblings remain grounded and supportive of each other's dreams. Prince's recent interview highlights their close relationship and mutual respect for each other's strengths, proving that the King of Pop's legacy is in good hands.

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