• The 'Michael' biopic cast has been revealed
  • The film will be led by the late King of Pop's nephew
  • Antoine Fuqua is the director 

Antoine Fuqua (58) is set to make a thriller out of a biopic! The renowned director, known for his work on 'Training Day', is now channeling his cinematic magic into a project that's sure to get the world talking: a Michael Jackson biopic, tentatively titled 'Michael'. Hold onto your fedoras, folks, because this film promises to take us on a rollercoaster ride through the life of the late, great King of Pop!

From the Jackson 5 to jaw-dropping solo acts

The biopic will cover the entire spectrum of Michael Jackson's life – from his adorable beginnings with the Jackson 5 to his jaw-dropping moonwalks and chart-topping solo hits. But it's not just about the glitz and the glam; 'Michael' will also delve into the icon's personal battles, giving fans a rare glimpse behind the curtain of his storied career.

John Logan (62, Screenwriter), the pen behind 'Skyfall' and 'Gladiator', is crafting the script for this epic tale. With such a heavyweight writer, we can expect a narrative as gripping as the dance moves that made MJ famous.

Hot news:

A cast that's Bad (in a good way)

While the complete cast remains a mystery, a glimpse of the main stars is emerging: Jaafar Jackson takes on the role of his uncle Michael, Colman Domingo embodies Joe Jackson, and Nia Long portrays Katherine Jackson. 

Mark your calendars and start the countdown – 'Michael' is set to hit theaters on April 18, 2025, thanks to Lionsgate and Universal Pictures International. This is one cinematic experience that's sure to beat it in the box office charts!

So, are you ready to be startin' something? Because Fuqua's 'Michael' is shaping up to be the biopic that will have everyone talking – and dancing – in the aisles!