• Actor Jeremy Renner recently survived a harrowing accident
  • After many months of recovery he is back in action on the big screen
  • THIS is how Renner feels about his life changing experience

After a chilling snowplow accident that left him with 30 broken bones, the resilient actor is back in action, but not without a hint of trepidation. For a while there, it was touch and go and doctors weren't fully convinced that Renner would make it out in good health. They feared he would never walk again!

Jeremy's fight has been an inspiration to many

Renner, the heartthrob of the gritty Paramount+ drama, is taking his comeback one step at a time. "I try to just do everything kind of step by step here. That's one foot in front of the other. Then you're walking," he shared with 'People' magazine.

Fans are on the edge of their seats as Renner steps back into the shoes of "Mike McLusky", the character who navigates the dangerous waters of a Michigan town rife with crime and corruption.

"I certainly got a lot of callousness squashed out of me by that machine," he says, while discussing his new Super Bowl commercial for Silk. "I’ve never been bitter, but always maybe a little more callous, a little bit more tough. And I just think those calluses are just scraped off me at this point. Literally, I feel pretty open and wonderfully sensitive and youthful."

"I’ve been blessed," Renner concludes. Family became the shield that kept Renner sane throughout the entire process of coming back. "Everything kind of just went right. Obviously I had a lot of tenacity, I had a lot of support, a lot of reason to recover. That is really special. There’s a lot of people that don’t have as much, [don’t have] those things to live for."

"It wasn’t about me getting better. It was about healing them. That’s how I got out of my own way… Geez, the love and support I got from people, man. I just didn’t realize that many people gave a crap about me that much. Maybe Hawkeye, they did. [But] just me as a person, it’s a different thing, you know what I mean?"

At the end of the day, it's become a season of overcoming for him, first and foremost!

"I know how far I can go. That’s pretty useful information — give you parameters of your life, and it’s pretty hopeful," he says. "I overcame a lot, and there’s so many things that could have gone wrong. It all went right, every part of it. From my vision, to walking, that no one said I was going to walk again. I’m like, ‘Well…’"

It's no easy task to come back

Despite the excitement, Renner admits to feeling "nervous" and "tentative of confidence" as he reacquaints himself with the set, the character, and the demanding filming schedule. His first day back was a mix of nerves and hope, as he took to social media to express his desire to "ACTUALLY pull this off for our production and more importantly the fans."

The 'Mayor of Kingstown' set is no walk in the park, with Renner describing the show as "arduous," involving long, frigid days in Pittsburgh. The fear of slipping is real for the actor, who's still working on regaining lower body strength.

Yet, his determination shines through. "I think I'm strong enough," Renner stated confidently to CNN in December. The Hollywood community and fans alike are rallying behind Renner, cheering on his remarkable journey of recovery and return to the spotlight. His openness on social media about the road to recovery has been nothing short of inspiring. 

What about the future?

Also interesting:

His new partnership with Silk allows him to spouse some of the values he has learned along the way to his complete healing. And his new Super Bowl commercial will reflect that.

"[Silk is] all about wellness, and I’ve gotten pretty into that because it’s forced upon me as a part of a lifestyle, which is great,” he says. "I’ve become so healthy now." 

"It’s a beacon of hope for me and for my daughter as well, and this is a new part of our journey together in recovery and in life," he says. "Getting back into life in a different way, out of a hospital bed, out of the house, being social, just doing normal things. It represents a lot to me, and I’m very thankful to be here to do this."

Stay tuned for more updates on Jeremy Renner's gripping tale of resilience and his quest to bring the dark, enthralling world of 'Mayor of Kingstown' to life once again!