James Blunt has had a rough start to the new year as his home was robbed of things that had more than just material value. He is desperate enough to pay the thieves to return just the items that meant the most to him. 

James Blunt Offers Reward To Robbers

"You're Beautiful" singer James Blunt has just had his Spanish villa robbed, according to The Sun. He told the Diario de Ibiza, "The thieves took about 100 items, including a black and white rug that my wife did not like, so I suspect she could be involved."

James Blunt on stage in 2017.

Luckily, James, his children, and his wife, the niece of the Duke of Wellington Sofia Wellesley, were all out of the house at the time. 

The robbers took off with cufflinks, clothes, and various personal items. "They also took all my t-shirts, so they must not have a very good sense of style, since I am not known for mine."

The empathetic award-winning singer said he "understood that it was a difficult time for many people on the island" but that he felt "real sadness" when he realized the thieves had taken his grandfather's pocket watch and bayonet he used during his service in the Kosovo war. 

James said he "would gladly pay a reward for their return," and gave his personal email in case the perpetrators were interested. It is a real shame to have lost these family heirlooms and we hope they are returned soon. 

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