• James Bond star Daniel Craig is a married man
  • His partner is a talented and gorgeous actress
  • Daniel Craig's wife is Rachel Weisz!

The James Bond movie franchise is one of the highest-grossing of all time. It includes over 25 films and the character has been portrayed by seven actors over the course of nearly six decades.

The spy has been in entertainment news recently with the passing of the original "James Bond" actor Sean Connery, and because the latest installment in the franchise, No Time To Die, is Daniel Craig's last film as the "Agent 007".

My Name is Weisz, Rachel Weisz

Daniel Craig has appeared in five "007" installments and has proved to be a great actor outside the franchise. In his personal life, Daniel has been married for almost a decade to a talented actress in her own right and they even worked together in the film Dream House.

'James Bond' Star Daniel Craig Is Married To This Gorgeous Actress

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Sean Connery starred as the iconic spy agent, "James Bond".

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Which actor was the very first to star as "James Bond"?

Learn more about Daniel Craig's gorgeous wife Rachel Weisz in the video above!