Jamie Lynn Spears was once rising to fame alongside her big sis Britney Spears starring in the widely loved Disney show, Zoey 101. 

All that came to a crashing halt when the young star found out she was pregnant at just 16 years old. Now, the younger Spears sister is revealing how that all affected her in her upcoming memoir, Things I Should Have Said.

Jamie Lynn honours her voice

Now 30, Jamie Lynn Spears is reflecting on some of the more challenging moments in her life, most notably when she learned she'd be a mother at just 16 years old. 

On Wednesday's Good Morning America, Spears said that she chose to write the memoir to honour her voice, and how her two daughters, Maddie, 13, and Ivey, 3, inspired her to do so.

Jamie Lynn Spears attends the 2015 CMT Music Awards 

"It was really important to me to, first off, honour my voice," she said. "I have to do it or how else can I expect my daughters to stand up for themselves?"

The actress then went on to share the moment she learned she was pregnant, and after the tabloids got a hold of the news, the then-teenager had to deal with constant beratement from paparazzi.

"I look back and I think, 'Wow how is this acceptable?'" she said. "Why are you here other than to shame me and to benefit off of a young girl who’s going through something already so traumatic and so deep and personal? We say we do better, but now we just go into the comments on Instagram and do it."

Jamie Lynn went on to say that not only did she receive backlash from friends and family to "make the problem go away", she also revealed that eventually she was sent to a remote cabin where she was cut off from the outside world for weeks at a time.

"It felt like you’re almost suffocating," she said, tearing up. "I felt like, what was I going to do, I was a kid, and maybe this is in my best interest and maybe this is what I’m supposed to do because, of course, I don’t want to be, you know, hounded by the paparazzi or the tabloids or allow them to control my narrative. But it felt like I was really being alienated."

Spears' memoir will hit bookshelves on January 18.