• Jana Kramer is a country superstar
  • She has choice opinions on Travis Kelce
  • THIS is what Jana thinks about him

There's quite a lot to unpack in Jana's comments here. From calling Kelce "always drunk" to expressing concerns over Swift's increasing alcohol consumption, Kramer's remarks have sparked controversy and drawn attention to the high-profile romance. These are her Kramer's explosive comments and the reactions it has garnered.

"Always Drunk" Allegations and Concerns

In the world of glitz and glamour, where celebrity relationships are as scrutinized as their careers, Jana Kramer's recent podcast episode has thrown a spotlight on Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's budding romance. Kramer, known for her no-holds-barred opinions, didn't mince words when discussing Kelce's lifestyle and its potential impact on Swift.

Kramer's observations stem from her personal encounters and public videos of Kelce, leading her to believe that the Kansas City Chiefs player is often under the influence. "Every time I've ever seen a video he's just always drunk," she disclosed to her listeners. The implications of such a lifestyle on Swift, according to Kramer, are already visible, noting an uptick in the pop icon's drinking.

Kramer added that she hopes Swift doesn’t follow in the 34-year-old Kansas City Chiefs player’s footsteps. "I see her drinking more now. Like, the company you keep," she alleged, also noting that Kelce’s "aggression" yelling at coach Andy Reid during the February Super Bowl "rubbed [her] the wrong way."

In fact, Kramer said he remind[s her] of an ex despite her initially thinking they were the "cutest" couple.

The podcast also touched on Kelce's Super Bowl behavior, which Kramer found aggressive and off-putting. This, coupled with her own experiences with ex-husband and former NFL player Mike Caussin, painted a less-than-ideal picture of Kelce in Kramer's eyes.

While she didn’t name the former partner she was referring to, Kramer was previously married to Washington Redskins player Mike Caussin from 2015 to 2021.

Podcast guest Josie Van Dyke shouted Caussin’s name before replying, "I know exactly who you’re talking about." Kramer – who fell asleep listening to Swift’s latest album – went on to call Kelce corny and cheesy for loving the attention he’s received since coupling up with Swift, also 34, last summer.

"I’ve just kind of heard things that I don’t love," she said cryptically. "But again, I just want everyone to be happy is what I’ll default to."

Despite her critical stance, Kramer concluded on a hopeful note, expressing her desire for everyone's happiness, albeit with a hint of skepticism based on "things" she's heard about Kelce.

The relationship, which became public in 2023, has seen its share of attention, with both parties previously navigating the challenges of dating in the public eye. Swift, in particular, has sought a "normal" romance, away from the prying eyes of paparazzi and public scrutiny.

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As the story of Swift and Kelce's relationship unfolds, Kramer's comments add a layer of intrigue and speculation. With representatives for Kelce and Swift yet to respond, the public and fans are left to ponder the dynamics of celebrity relationships and the truth behind the headlines.