Jean-Marc Vallée's death is thought to have been the result of a sudden heart attack. As Deadline has now shared, new reports say the 58-year-old director passed away a day before he was found, tragically suggesting he died on what would otherwise be a joyous holiday.

Vallée said to have been a "fitness fanatic"

Vallée was first reported to have died earlier this week. While there was no cause of death stated at first, sources have since told the outlet that it was a heart attack. Tragically, his death is also presumed to have occurred on Christmas, as they mention that Vallée was "waiting to receive guests" before he passed away at his Quebec cabin.

His cause of death is surprising since it sounds as though Vallée was in peak physical condition during his life. Deadline mentioned that he had a reputation for being "a fitness fanatic and a teetotaler" who was also "a practitioner of the Wim Hoff fitness method," which is considered to be quite extreme.

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Vallée's death has sent shockwaves around the film world, causing great sadness to fans of his work and his former collaborators alike. The visionary director known for his work on projects such as Big Little Lies and Sharp Objects has since received many tributes on social media, with both his filmography and personal character held in high regard.

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