• Jenna Ortega stars in Netflix's Wednesday
  • So far, the show is off to a great start
  • The star now has millions of followers on Instagram

The interest in Jenna Ortega (20) is mind-bogglingly huge. Her online presence has suddenly skyrocketed this month. Jenna's popularity is particularly noticeable on her Instagram account where Jenna is currently on track to break all the records.

Jenna Ortega could be the biggest thing on the planet

The fact of the matter is that Jenna has gained over 15 million followers since the show started. And that's just in one month! While she had almost 9 million followers in mid-November, the number has now risen to almost 25 million.

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And Jenna knows what the people want to see. The actress gives fans some sneak peaks behind the scenes of Wednesday on her profile. There are also one or two selfies. Many professional photos can also be found in her feed.

Watch the video above to learn more!