• Jennifer Grey hasn't seen her dad since COVID-19
  • She finally reunited with him in a new photo
  • Her famous father is actor Joel Grey

Jennifer Grey and her father Joel Grey have been apart since COVID-19 overtook the world. Now, they were finally able to reunite after two years, and the Dirty Dancing actress shared a great photo of the moment.

Jennifer Grey's reunion with her father Joel

"Look who came to visit!!!" Jennifer Grey announced on Instagram, alongside a selfie with her father. "First time since the pandemic," she added.

Jennifer Grey reunites with her father Joel Grey.

The famous father and daughter looked to be spending time together as the sun was setting. Grey further wrote on her post: "Having to be separated from our loved ones, especially our older family members, has taken such a toll.

"We are pack animals. Connection to our tribe, our communities, our peeps, is essential to all aspects of our physical, emotional and mental health."

Also interesting:

Jennifer Grey, 61, is the daughter of Jo Wilder and Joel Grey. Joel, 89, is the acclaimed screen and stage actor who won an Oscar for Cabaret.

Nice to see the two of them together again!