Jennifer Lopez and her fiancé Alex Rodriguez are putting their relationship to the test! On Tuesday, the pair shared a sweet video via Rodriguez's Instagram that showed them playing a 'couples challenge' game together. The way the game works is simple: someone off-camera asks Lopez and Rodriguez questions about who does what kinds of things in their relationship (who takes longer to get ready, who's the best cook, et cetera). Then, they each have to respond with their answer... and see if their other half agrees!

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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez arrive for the 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on January 19, 2020. 

Lopez and Rodriguez reveal answers about their relationship

Lopez and Rodriguez's 'couples challenge' video gave fans new insight into the pair's relationship as they shared their answers! They both agreed that Lopez was the one who initiated the first kiss, is the better cook, takes longer to get ready in the morning, and spends more money. On the other hand, Rodriguez was said to be the more social one in the relationship, as well as the one who first said "I love you"!

However, the engaged couple didn't always agree on their answers! Several questions had them pointing to either themselves (who apologizes first in a fight, who is more romantic, who is more patient) or each other (who's funny, who's grumpier in the morning, and who's more stubborn, to name a few). Ultimately though, it looked like they were both having fun with the game, regardless of whether or not they'd answered correctly!

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See Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez play the 'couples challenge' here!