Jennifer Lopez is viewing 2022 as an opportunity for meaningful personal growth! Before a recent workout, the actress and singer recorded herself talking about what she hopes to bring to the new year, sharing the video on Instagram

Lopez aims to improve relationships in 2022

Lopez took a minute to sit down and talk about her goals for the year ahead. Wearing a grey sports bra with leggings and holding a bedazzled cup, she revealed what changes she wants for herself in 2022. She said that she's "thinking about being really mindful," and intends to make sure her thoughts are "really positive" to allow her to be the best version of herself.

As the star explained, she wants to make significant improvements in all areas of her life! This year, she said she's looking to become "better than ever mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally" in order to elevate the various relationships in her life. Specifically, she mentioned wanting to be a better mom and partner, as well as "the best friend I can be, the daughter, sister, boss, person I can be."

Turns Out...Jennifer Lopez IS NOT Angry With Ben Affleck

And everything was right in paradise again...

Turns Out...Jennifer Lopez IS NOT Angry With Ben Affleck

Lopez posted the video with the hashtag #MotivationMonday, along with a message urging her fans to join her in sharing their "goals and intentions" for 2022. The star, who can soon be seen in the upcoming rom-com Marry Me, has been dating Ben Affleck since last year. And as a source revealed to Entertainment Tonight, Lopez has reportedly inspired him to become "a better person and motivates him to work hard."