• Jennifer Lopez shuts down divorce rumors
  • Amid 'Atlas' film promo tour
  • She claps back at reporter

Jennifer Lopez, the dazzling queen of the screen and stage, found herself in an unexpected spotlight during a press conference in Mexico City on May 22, 2024. There to promote her latest Netflix sensation, 'Atlas,' Lopez was ambushed with a question that veered sharply from professional to personal, sparking a wave of support from her co-star, Simu Liu.

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A question out of left field

As the press conference buzzed with excitement, one reporter's question cut through the chatter like a knife: "Is your divorce with Ben Affleck real? These rumors?" The room fell into a stunned silence, but Lopez's 'Atlas' co-star, Simu Liu, was quick to shut down the intrusion. "Okay we're not doing that," he stated firmly, a clear signal that personal boundaries were not to be crossed.

May 22, 2024, Mexico City, Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico: Actor Simu Liu and actress and singer Jennifer Lopez during a press

Jennifer Lopez, ever the embodiment of grace under fire, addressed the reporter with a poised and pointed response. "You know better than that," she chided, a gentle reminder of the respect and professionalism expected in such settings. Simu Liu echoed this sentiment, urging the press to maintain a positive energy.

The show must go on

Despite the personal challenges hinted at by sources close to Lopez, including rumors of marriage strife with Ben Affleck, Lopez continues to dazzle audiences worldwide with her work. Affleck's absence from recent premieres only fueled speculation, but both Lopez and Affleck have been seen wearing their wedding rings, suggesting a united front amid the rumors.

As the press conference wrapped up, Lopez's parting words, delivered in Spanish, underscored her connection to her roots and her unwavering focus on her career. "Thank you. No one asked me anything in Spanish but okay," she quipped, blowing a kiss to the laughing attendees.

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