Bob Odenkirk has revealed Jeremy Irons's wild reaction to bad writing for his episode of Saturday Night Live

The English actor appeared on the sketch show in 1991, when Odenkirk, now best known from Better Call Saul, was working as a comedy writer. And apparently SNL wasn't up to snuff for Irons, the classically-trained screen and stage star.

Bob Odenkirk reveals Jeremy Irons's SNL rant

This week, Odenkirk joined The Howard Stern Show, where he recounted the story of when Irons "really yelled" at him behind the scenes. He said: "Rob Schneider and I had written this monologue and," he acknowledged, "it wasn't great."

Odenkirk recalled that Irons was "really mad" about it, and he impersonated the actor's rant, which went like this: "I can't do this. I can sing. I can dance. I can juggle. I am a Shakespearean-trained actor. And you have me doing this! — He was really mad."

Odenkirk claimed to have recorded the incident and often played it for friends because he "loved it so much." And he agreed that Irons's complaints were justified. "He was right, God bless him," he said. "It wasn't a great monologue. But he's a trooper."

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Jeremy Irons's 1991 Saturday Night Live episode

The 1991 episode of SNL stands as Irons's lone appearance on the American comedy show, so it appears once was more than enough for the actor. Here's the final monologue that he ended up performing in the episode.

The end result featured Irons joking about his then upcoming Oscar nomination for 1990's Reversal of Fortune, which ultimately won him Best Actor. Another of his best-known roles, in Dead Ringers, is also getting reimagined in a new series starring Rachel Weisz.

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