Rachel Weisz fans should be doubly thrilled for her newest TV role.

The British actress has landed the lead in the new Amazon Studios adaptation of David Cronenberg's 1988 film Dead Ringers. The famously twisted film starred Jeremy Irons as identical twin gynaecologists, whose lives spiral downward amid romance, drug abuse, and identity crises. Weisz will again portray the original film's "Mantle" twins — but in an updated story with Amazon.

Dead Ringers remake casts Rachel Weisz as identical twins

Weisz actually pitched the new version of Dead Ringers to Annapurna Television, which has partnered with Amazon on the project. "This update to 'Dead Ringers' explores the darker side of medicine, obsession, and the human condition, making it a compelling addition to our slate of Amazon Original series," said Amazon COO Albert Cheng.

Alice Birch is attached to write the series. She has writing credits on Hulu's Normal People and HBO's Succession. Of the collaboration, Weisz said: "I am so lucky to have such brilliant partners in Annapurna and Amazon Studios, and I'm thrilled to be collaborating with the exceptionally talented Alice Birch. I can't wait to go on this journey with all of them."

Dead Ringers cast featured Jeremy Irons in career performance

In the 1988 original, Irons portrayed Mantle twins "Eliot" and "Beverly," who were based on the true story of American twin gynaecologists Stewart and Cyril Marcus. The film was well received, but Irons's double-lead role earned the highest praise. Some even suggest his 1991 Oscar win, for Reversal of Fortune, was a "make up" for neglecting to nominate Irons for Dead Ringers—a film seen as too risqué for the Academy.

Now, Weisz, an Oscar winner herself, takes on the "Mantle" twins, perhaps putting a new feminine direction to the 1988 film. The screen and stage star won her Oscar for The Constant Gardener, and is known for work in The Mummy, The Fountain, About a Boy, and The Favourite.

"Rachel's unequivocal depth as an actor make her the perfect person to bring the new Mantle twins to life in Alice's fresh take on the original, which will no doubt be even more twisted," Annapurna's Sue Naegle said in a statement. This, we need to see.

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