Joseph Gordon-Levitt has always been outspoken towards his love of fatherhood, and it comes as no surprise he's advocating for more paternal support!

Appearing on The Late Late Show With James Cordon, the actor opens up about the lack of support he feels fathers receive following the birth of their children, and what he thinks is necessary for a better future for dads everywhere!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt talks fatherhood

Joseph Gordon-Levitt loves any opportunity to talk about his wonderful children, but the actor also feels it's important to talk about the less favourable side to fatherhood - the lack of paternal support.

Joseph Gordon Levitt attends the premiere of Amazon's "Comrade Detective".

While on James Cordon's The Late Late Show, Gordon-Levitt revealed what he feels should be mandatory, and talks a better future surrounding paternity leave.

Gordon-Levitt feels that it's important for fathers to spend just as much time with their children as mothers do, and feels that parental work should be equal!

The father of two has taken the last few years off to spend time at home with his children, although the actor is aware not many families have that privilege.

"I just felt really lucky I got to do that," he said. "There are some parts of the world that give a lot of paternity leave, where the government thinks it’s so important that dad gets to spend time their babies that there’s government-paid paternity leave."

The self-proclaimed "workaholic" says he's acting once more, but that he doesn't want it to be called a "comeback." 

Watch the full interview below!