• Jeremy Renner has been recently hospitalized 
  • He suffered an accident involving a snowplow
  • Renner tells his fans how he is doing on Twitter 

Great news for all Jeremy Renner fans! It looks like the actor is going to be okay after all! Renner was hospitalized on January 1, after being run over by a snowplow that weighed at least 7 tons! The accident became international news immediately with thousand pouring out their support.

Jeremy Renner is a real fighter on and off camera!

It all happened when he was plowing snow for a neighbor and the machine began to roll toward him. He attempted to jump in the driver's seat to stop it but was run over in the process!

Also interesting:

When details of the accident surfaced, many were surprised the actor even lived to tell the tale. But it seems fate wasn't done with him just yet. Neighbors came to his aid and stayed with him for 40 minutes until paramedics arrived. Renner has recently spoken about the ordeal and how he got through it.

Watch the video above to learn more!