• Justin Timberlake was arrested for DWI
  • The incident upset wife Jessica Biel quite a bit
  • HERE is the scoop on the latest feud

In a turn of events that has sent shockwaves through the celebrity world, Justin Timberlake, the "SexyBack" singer, finds himself in hot water following a DWI arrest. His wife, Jessica Biel, is reportedly "extremely upset" and "shocked" by the news. Let's look at the details of the arrest, the impact on their marriage, and Timberlake's vow to defend himself against the allegations.

A bad night

It was a night that started with dinner among friends but ended with flashing police lights for Justin Timberlake. After allegedly blowing through a stop sign in Sag Harbor, Timberlake's evening took a dramatic turn. Sources close to the couple revealed that Jessica Biel was blindsided by the news, learning about her husband's legal troubles amidst her busy filming schedule in Manhattan.

Despite witnesses at the American Hotel describing Timberlake as "wasted," the pop star insisted to his wife that he had consumed very little alcohol. Biel, known for standing by her man, is said to have given Timberlake the benefit of the doubt once again. However, Timberlake's refusal to submit to a blood alcohol test and his failure of a field mobility test have only added fuel to the fire.

The arrest has reportedly left Timberlake feeling "remorseful, ashamed, and humiliated," but also "accountable."

He's facing a drunken driving charge that could lead to jail time, though experts predict a fine and license suspension are more likely outcomes. Amidst this personal crisis, Timberlake is said to be focusing on the impact of his actions on his family and fans, viewing this as a moment to reset and grow.

However, a source for 'Us' claimed that Timberlake told his wife that "he was barely drinking."

The loving wife

"She always gives Justin the benefit of the doubt," the insider added about Biel. After Timberlake was pulled over by cops, he allegedly refused to take a blood alcohol test three times, and failed a field sobriety test. He also allegedly told arresting officers he’d had just "one martini."

Timberlake has not spoken out about his arrest, but a rep for his lawyer said in a statement that he "looks forward to vigorously defending Mr. Timberlake against these allegations." According to an 'Entertainment Tonight' source, the father of two is "feeling remorseful, ashamed, and humiliated" over the incident.

However, the insider also claimed that Timberlake — who is facing a drunken driving charge — is feeling "accountable."

"This situation has taken a toll on him, but he is trying to view it as a way that he can reset himself,” said the source. “He does his best to set a positive example for himself, his family and the public, and will continue to try to learn and grow. He is taking this seriously and recognizes how it can impact his family dynamic as a husband and father, and his fans too.”

According to the source, Timberlake "does not believe he needs help when it comes to alcohol" following his arrest, and looks at the incident as "a major lapse of judgment."

Also interesting:

Despite the turmoil, Timberlake and Biel have not publicly commented on the situation. Timberlake, who was released without bail, is scheduled for another court appearance on July 26. As the legal process unfolds, all eyes will be on how this power couple navigates the challenges ahead.

Will this incident bring them closer together, or is it a sign of deeper troubles in paradise?