• Is Jessica Simpson in a weight loss craze right now?
  • The singer has lost an impressive 45 kilos
  • But fans are starting to worry

The singer has lost over 45 kilos and is proud of her weight loss success and new figure, which she always shows off with new photos on Instagram, that most times, fans can't get enough of. But this time, things were different, and her new snapshots weren't very well-received altogether!

Jessica Simpson is no stranger to speculation

Despite some compliments, not everyone shares her joy online. In fact, it's quite the opposite! Because although many of her fans support her, some are also very concerned about her health after it became clear she lost a ton of weight.

Also interesting:

She looks visibly slimmer in the post, and she is also smiling big. Despite the headwind and criticism, Jessica is confident and looking happily at the camera in her latest photo, which also has her husband Eric Johnson.

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