• Jet Li is a famous martial artist
  • He has starred in many films
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Jet Li is widely considered to be a martial arts legend, with roles in many iconic action movies over the decades. Born Li Lian-jie, the star grew up in Beijing, China, beginning his career in martial arts at just 8 years old. These are the top action movies that Li has starred in, according to IMDb! 

1992's Swordsman II, as well as 1993's Tai-Chi Master and The Legend all have 7.2 stars on the movie database. 

Jet Li: His Most Popular Action Movies

Jet Li: His Most Popular Action Movies

They are followed by Once Upon a Time in China and Once Upon a Time in China II— which have 7.3 and 7.4 stars, respectively— and saw Li play Chinese folk hero "Wong Fei-hung".

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