• Jim Parsons is best known from The Big Bang Theory
  • The popular actor is a married man
  • This is Jim's love story with husband Todd Spiewak

Did you know that upon first reading, Jim Parsons couldn't really relate to the character of "Sheldon"? What attracted him to the role however was the structure of the character's dialogue. Parsons did so well in the audition that Big Bang Theory creator Chuck Lorre demanded another audition to see if Parsons could repeat the same kind of magic.

Jim Parsons Is Married To Husband Todd Spiewak

One critic compared the comedy style of Jim Parsons to that of silent movie actor Buster Keaton. Lorre once said of Parsons' instincts: "You can't teach that." Parsons however says that it was his university education that played a big part in handling his lines.

Jim Parsons and Todd Spiewak's Love Story

Jim Parsons won four Emmys and a Golden Globe with his role on The Big Bang Theory. His character was even given a prequel spinoff. That is the public life of this TV star...

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To hear about Jim Parsons' private life, feel free to watch the video above. You can also get to know Jim's mother Judy HERE.