• Jim Parsons starred in The Big Bang Theory
  • He played the beloved "Sheldon Cooper"
  • This is Jim's mom Judy Parsons

The Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons was born to proud parents Jack and Judy Parsons. Today, we're getting to know the "Sheldon Cooper" actor's mother. Here's what you need to know about Judy.

Judy Parsons: Facts about Jim Parsons' mom

Jim's mother is Judy Ann Parsons (née McKnight), and she is a retired school teacher. Judy and her husband Jack raised Jim and his sister Julie in Texas.

Jim Parsons with his mom Judy and husband Todd

Judy Parsons enjoyed a lengthy career as a teacher. She finally retired in 2017 after 41 years teaching, and Jim paid tribute to his mother's work on social media.

Sadly, Judy lost her husband Jack Parsons in a tragic car crash in 2001. So it's just Judy and her two adult children nowadays. Her daughter Julie was also a teacher, and she retired alongside her mother in 2017.

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Jim Parsons, who is gay, once revealed that coming out to his mother was difficult, due to negative attitudes about LGBTQ+ people in the American South.

"I'm not throwing anybody in my family under the bus but it was not fun, I'll be honest," he said in 2020. However, Parsons wanted to be himself with his family, as he'd found love with his future husband Todd Spiewak. He added: "It was some adjusting."

Over the years, Judy has also been spotted on the red carpet with her famous son and his husband, and it looks like they're a happy family these days.