Jimmy Kimmel is making sure people know where he stands on important issues, specifically revolving around the public healthcare crisis ahead of the U.S. election.

While many Americans are eager to vote on November 3, Kimmel is making sure he reaches his audience still on the fence about heading to the polls and shares an emotional video.

Jimmy Kimmel urges viewers to vote

Jimmy Kimmel isn't holding back where he stands on the American election and is voicing his opinions loud and clear about public issues, most importantly, healthcare.

Mentioning those born with pre-existing conditions, Kimmel is announcing that those protected under the Affordable Care Act may be at risk should certain members get into the White House.

"The vast majority of this country agrees that health insurance should cover Americans with pre-existing conditions," he said. 

"But the Republican party," he continued, "And that includes the president and members of Congress — the only plan they have is to do away with protections for pre-existing conditions."

Kimmel then went on to reveal an emotional statement, sharing that his own 3-year-old son, Billy, is one of those affected. 

"My wife Molly made a video that deals with our experience with pre-existing conditions, and we’d like you to watch this and pass it around to anyone who may have forgotten what this election is really about," he said.

Billy, who has already had three heart surgeries and over 60 doctors’ appointments in three years, was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect, and the video reminds the public that with the removal of the Obamacare plans, many could be without proper care.

Many celebs are urging their fans to head to the polls before November 3, to get a headstart.