• John Krasinski is unveiling his new film
  • It has an inspiration source that hits close to him
  • THIS is how John describes his thought process on this project

In an exclusive chat with 'People' magazine, John Krasinski opens up about the magical muse behind his latest cinematic venture, 'IF.' The film, which has quickly captured the hearts of audiences worldwide, owes its inception to the purest form of inspiration: family. Dive into the whimsical world of 'IF' with us.

A Spark of Imagination

"It all started with my girls," Krasinski reveals, referring to his daughters with actress Emily Blunt. The doting dad watched in awe as his daughters, Hazel and Violet, crafted a world of wonder, a place where only children could venture.

But as the pandemic's shadow loomed, their games of make-believe dwindled, replaced by questions that bore the weight of the world.

Determined to reignite the flame of imagination in his children, Krasinski embarked on creating 'IF.' The movie not only brings to life the fantastical elements of childhood dreams but also introduces audiences to characters directly inspired by his daughters' imaginary friends.

"The idea came from them," he said. "I would stand in doorways for hours watching these girls just go into a totally different space. They were going to this magical world that we weren't invited to."

"They were not only so joyful, but they were so authentic. They were so brave and fearless in what they were doing," he added.

Then the pandemic hit. He said he saw their lights start to dwindle a little bit.

"They started to let the real world in and they started imagining a little bit less. I said, 'Stop. This is it. I have to write the movie right now to show them that the magical world that they created, they can always go back to it,'" Krasinski said.

"The pink alligator, Ally, that's Violet's companion," Krasinski shares, painting a picture of the whimsical creatures that inhabit the film.

Hazel's tender-hearted nature also finds its way into the narrative, showcasing the depth of empathy children possess. A moment as simple as a marshmallow catching fire becomes a lesson in compassion, demonstrating the profound connections kids make with the world around them.

Involving his daughters every step of the way, Krasinski turned the creation of 'IF' into a family project. From initial sketches to final designs, the process was a collaborative effort, blending professional artistry with the unfiltered creativity of his children. "They got really excited," Krasinski recalls, highlighting the joy of sharing this creative journey with his family.

The credits on this film feature some of Hollywood's biggest stars.

"I've never had quicker 'yeses' in my career as a director," Krasinski says. "I genuinely got my dream cast. I'll be working off this debt for a long, long time."

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Now playing in theaters, 'IF' stands as a testament to the power of imagination, the strength of family bonds, and the magic that unfolds when the two collide.

Krasinski's personal tale of inspiration invites audiences to rediscover the wonder of childhood through the lens of cinema.