• John Stamos had a run-in with Elizabeth Taylor
  • He wasn't very nice!
  • This is how he remembers the encounter

John Stamos called Elizabeth Taylor an "old lady" on 'General Hospital' set

John Stamos (60), who portrayed "Blackie Parrish" on General Hospital from 1982 to 1984, recalled one particular day when he was struggling to get into the emotional depth of a scene.

He was trying to portray the grief of a son who had just lost his mother, but his mind was not cooperating. "My mother's dead. My mother's dead," John Stamous kept repeating in his head, but his brain was stubbornly reminding him that his real mother was alive and well in Orange County.

The actor remembered hearing a rustling noise at the time that was distracting him. He couldn't get through the scene and his frustration was mounting. "I heard a pop like this and then I was like, ‘Get that old lady out of my eye line!'," John Stamos recalled. The "old lady" he was referring to turned out to be none other than Elizabeth Taylor!

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Stamos explained that the Hollywood beauty had popped open a bottle of champagne in the director's chair, expressing her interest in seeing him with Stamos' character, "Blackie". The actor only learned of Taylor's identity afterwards from his co-star Chris Robinson.

"I can’t believe I lost my s--- in front of Elizabeth Taylor," Stamos wrote in his new memoir, 'If You Would Have Told Me'. "My dad is going to kill me”.