• Bob Saget's death came as a shock to the whole world
  • The actor died from a sudden head injury
  • Now his friend John Stamos shares his grief

Even a year after the death of Bob Saget († 65), the thought of it brings tears to his old colleague's eyes. Stamos claims he is still very sad about his untimely passing. Stamos played "Jesse" and later tried his hand at being a producer on the show. The late Saget played "Danny".

John Stamos: "I will never have a friend like him again"

John Stamos and Bob Saget remained close friends years after the series ended. In an interview with Page Six, Stamos talks about Saget's sudden death: "I’ve cried so much about it still. All I can do is keep talking about him, keep his memory alive", said John.

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What's really heart-breaking for Stamos is what the future could have looked like with his friend Bob Saget. It is particularly difficult for John to know that his good friend will not be there when his four-year-old son Billy slowly but surely matures into a man...

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