• Jonah Hill is a renowned American actor and producer
  • He's been typecast as a heavy-set actor in his career
  • Jonah Hill has made an incredible transformation

Jonah has always struggled with severe weight fluctuations, even during his childhood...which made life less than simple for a young Jonah. Even though he's struggled with his figure in the past, as well as the mental stigma that comes with being typecast as the 'fat guy', it seems he's now turned a corner in his health!

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Jonah Hill's Incredible Transformation

Let's look back at his story. In 2004, Jonah Hill launched his acting career with a supporting role in I Heart Huckabees. After several small appearances, he landed a leading role for the first time in the teen classic Superbad. Other producers quickly became aware of the young actor's talent and charisma...

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