• Jordyn Woods is an American socialite
  • Her parents worked in Hollywood, and she grew up alongside famous people
  • She attended the 2022 Oscar afterparty and looked stunning

Jordyn Woods made everyone turn heads when she arrived at the Oscar afterparty on Sunday evening! The dress, which was designed by a smaller designer Fjolla Nilla, and Woods looked incredible as she partied alongside some of the most famous in Hollywood!

Jordyn Woods celebrates with the Smith family

Jordyn Woods grew up with parents in the entertainment business, mostly working behind the camera as sound engineers. It's because of this that Woods has family friends with A-lister titles! Woods, who is around the same age that Will Smith's children are, all were seen parting together! 

While Will Smit was partying away with his family and close friends, the family was a topic of major conversation that evening due to the now-infamous moment during the awards when Smith slapped Chris Rock.

Also Interesting:

Woods, who was seen all smiles and laughter alongside the SMith family, didn't mention in any of her social media posts about the incident, only that she knew Smith's win for Best Actor was "well deserved"  for the member of her "forever family".

She also posted a photo beside Smith's children with Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow and Jayden.