• Actor and comedian Josh Gad had an idea for the 'Twins' saga
  • He turns 43 years old today
  • Here is the sequel that almost was

Josh Gad is turning 43 years old today. And in that spirit, let's get the inside scoop on the Schwarzenegger and DeVito reunion that inspired Gad and the comedic twist that could have added Eddie Murphy to the mix! It would have been a comedy doozy, to say the least!

Josh Gad spills the beans

Fans, hold onto your seats! Josh Gad, our favorite animated snowman, just dropped a bombshell that's got Tinseltown buzzing! Imagine a world where Arnold "The Muscle" Schwarzenegger, Danny "The Comic" DeVito, and Eddie "The Laugh" Murphy join forces as the most unlikely trio.

Gad's script reveals for 'Triplets' has us all wondering, "What if?"

Remember that State Farm ad that had us in stitches? Arnold's accent fumbling the slogan, and DeVito's quick-witted retorts? "You are a backstabbaaa," Arnold jests. DeVito claps back, "I am a backstabber." Pure comedy genius!

This hilarious exchange sparked the nostalgia that led Gad to share his work on the sequel that got away.

Let's rewind to 1988 – 'Twins' was the talk of the town, raking in a whopping $111 million and becoming the fifth highest-grossing film of the year. Fans have been dreaming of a sequel, and Gad's script tease has us yearning for what could have been a blockbuster hit.

The late, great Ivan Reitman had a vision for 'Triplets,' and the stars were aligned – until fate had other plans. With Reitman's passing, his son Jason put the kibosh on the project.

Schwarzenegger's lament, "We had the financing," echoes in our hearts. What a ride it would have been!

Also interesting:

With Tracy Morgan reportedly stepping in for Murphy, the question remains: Will this comedic dream team ever grace the silver screen?

DeVito's quip, "We missed Twins 2, because he became governor," has us chuckling but also pondering the epic sequel that slipped through our fingers.