Chadwick Boseman's loss has been a crushing blow to Hollywood and his millions of fans across the world. Josh Gad wanted to show the world just how loving and wonderful his friend was so he posted screenshots of the very last messages he received from Chadwick Boseman. The messages are powerful and show how beautiful Chadwick's mind was.

Chadwick Boseman's Last Texts To Josh Gad

Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman passed away after a 4-year-long battle with colon cancer and his death has left an enormous wake of love. Many of his friends and fans are speaking out to display just how loving and wonderful Chadwick truly was.

Josh Gad and Chadwick Boseman worked together on the inspirational 2017 film Marshall and have been friends ever since. Josh took to Twitter to post screenshots of the last messages he ever received from the beloved late actor. He captioned the screenshots with "Breaking my twitter silence to share some beauty. This was one of my final texts from the brilliant & once-in-lifetime talent @chadwickboseman - take this in & celebrate life. He knew how precious every moment was. Tonight the Heavens received one of its most powerful angels."

The messages highlight the positive and loving mindset of the actor who was silently suffering from cancer. In the message, he is speaking about how to look at the poor weather positively, "I urge you to go outside and take a DEEP breath. Notice how fresh the air is right now, after our skies have had a 3 week break from the usual barage of fumes from bumper to bumper LA commuters..." He begged his friends to "Inhale and exhale this moment, and thank God for the unique beauties and wonders of this day. We should take advantage of every moment we can to enjoy the simplicity of God's creation, whether it be clear skies and sun or clouded over with gloom."

Josh Gad's love and appreciation for his friend is palpable as he is posting beautiful memories of his friend who he describes as "next level good" in a tear-filled dedication to Chadwick. Chadwick was only 43-years-old and will be endlessly missed.


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