• Julia Fox is standing up for Chelsea Blackwell
  • Chelsea compared herself to Megan Fox
  • The internet was not kind about her comment

There has been a media whirlwind as a result. Get the scoop on the TikTok turmoil and the wave of support that's followed!

Foxes Unite: Julia Fox Rallies Behind Chelsea in Lookalike Frenzy!

In a world where reality TV and celebrity lookalikes collide, 'Love is Blind' star Chelsea Blackwell's claim of resembling Megan Fox has the internet ablaze! But fear not, Chelsea, for Julia Fox has entered the chat, and she's got your back!

After facing a barrage of backlash, Chelsea took to TikTok with a plea for validation. Lo and behold, Julia swooped in with a comment that's got everyone talking: "Don’t worry sis. I see it." That's right, folks – when a Fox speaks, you listen!

Chelsea's on-screen revelation to her pod-partner Jimmy Presnell about her Megan Fox-esque features sparked more than just a reality TV romance – it ignited a digital debate!

But as the internet erupted, Julia's four-word endorsement has fans and foes alike doing a double-take.

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Despite the heat, Chelsea's not alone. The TikTok trenches are teeming with supporters echoing Julia's sentiment. From "wild" comparisons to "gorgeous girl" affirmations, the Chelsea-Megan saga is far from over!