• Julia Fox shares hot new photos online
  • Fox wears nothing but lingerie and denim
  • The actress is known for her bold looks

Julia Fox sure isn't afraid to show off her incredible body when she steps out! The actress and model, who famously split from Kanye West earlier this year, shared some hot new pictures on Tuesday that see her showing off a surprisingly revealing look in public.

Fox goes grocery shopping in bra and underwear

Fox often shares revealing photos on Instagram, but what makes these pictures especially surprising is the fact that she is shown in little more than her intimates! It's shocking how little she wears here, stepping out on the streets in sunglasses as well as a black bra and matching underwear. In fact, the only thing that covers her up is the denim jacket and boots she wears.

Along with bold and revealing looks, denim has become part of Fox's signature style. The star has even posted a DIY tutorial so that fans would be able to recreate her unique skinny jeans! While some of the sexy new images Fox shared seem as though they could have come from a photoshoot, there are also several shots that feel more candid, as she pushes a shopping cart outside. 

Also interesting:

"My vibe is just preparing for the apocalypse rn," Fox captioned her post. Rapper Theophilus London called Fox's lingerie and denim combo "such a mood!" while many other celebs also praised her hot look. Fox has certainly become a style icon over the past few months, and continues to surprise on a regular basis— we just don't know what she'll be seen in next!