• Julia Fox posts photos of all-denim outfit
  • Fox then shares tutorial video with fans
  • The actress wears just a bra and jeans

Julia Fox is proving that she's more than just a pretty face— she's also a creative mind! Just a few hours after sharing pictures of her stepping out in an all-denim outfit, Fox posted a video that sees her show fans how to make the pants she wore.

Fox keeps her look casually sexy for jeans tutorial

Fox had hinted in the caption of her Instagram post about the outfit on Friday that a tutorial for her low-waisted jeans was "coming soon". Little did fans expect that "soon" would turn out to mean later the same day! As for why Fox didn't record herself creating the full look, she admitted she "truly didn't think" the jean bandeau top she paired the denim pants with would turn out as something wearable.

In the almost 4-minute long Instagram tutorial Fox shared, she walked fans through the steps of how to create her low-waisted look with their jeans at home. However, even those who aren't interested in making the pants can appreciate the video because of the star's appearance in it! She keeps her hair and makeup natural while wearing only jeans and a low-cut white bra that shows off some cleavage.

Also interesting:

Fox's video was well-received by fans, with many commenting on her incredible appearance and wanting to try the look themselves. One fan even called for her to start a YouTube channel! Since her split from Kanye West, it seems like Fox has been focusing on herself and creating her own personal style. Perhaps this will be the first of many fashionable DIY videos to come from the Uncut Gems star!