• Actress Vanessa Hudgens has become a real style icon
  • She also wowed with her looks at the Paris Fashion Week
  • On Instagram, Hudgens shows how revealing some of them were

Vanessa Hudgens wowed in one stunning look after another during Paris Fashion Week! Now, the actress has reflected on the event on social media, surprising fans by showing off yet another hot outfit.

Hudgens wows with her transparent dress on Instagram

Hudgens posted some pictures from her time at Paris Fashion Week, and one special look is particularly striking. Her black bra can be seen clearly through the glittery fabric and it also shows a lot of skin underneath. The actress often presents herself in revealing looks on social media, including the nude bikini she was recently photographed in.

Vanessa Hudgens revealing: this sheer dress takes our breath away

Also interesting:

She was not only extremely fashionable, but also super revealing. The High School Musical actress especially liked to use transparent fabric. In this dress, Vanessa is once again an absolute feast for the eyes, just as she was in her tight red dress that resembled a Baywatch swimsuit!

Despite the little fabric, the dress looks super elegant, making it perfect for an evening in the capital of fashion. And judging by her caption, Hudgens seems to miss the city a lot! "Take me back to parissssss," she wrote.