• Paris Fashion Week is in full swing
  • Vanessa Hudgens attends the event
  • Hudgens wears a hot and short red dress 

Vanessa Hudgens has worn one hot outfit after the other at this year's Paris Fashion Week. Now she's showing off a tight red dress that could easily pass as a Baywatch swimsuit because of how revealing the look is!

Hudgens shows skin in daring red cutout dress

Hudgens couldn't be wearing less fabric on top as the dress just covers her cleavage, including the underboob! The bottom part of her dress is very short and in no way inferior to the bust size, as Hudgens also shows a lot of skin. A leg slit makes the whole ensemble even hotter.

The star also chose matching red eye makeup to go with the fitted dress. And since it's still a little too cold in Paris for a dress like this in March, Hudgens has also thrown on a casual oversized blazer. She has been showing off a number of sexy looks lately, including a nude bikini, and this daring outfit is certainly another one that people will be focused on.

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Hudgens is just one of many stars to attend Paris Fashion Week this year. Rihanna stepped out in an incredible leather look that showcased her baby bump, and Emma Stone made a rare public appearance with her husband Dave McCary on the last day of the event. One thing is for sure, it's a time that always brings out incredible hot looks from our favourite celebs!