• Julia Fox dated Kanye West for a few months following West's separation from Kim Kardashian
  • Fox has previously talked about how her relationship with West has changed her life
  • West has been put on blast for his behaviour on Instagram toward his estranged wife and her boyfriend

Julia Fox is answering some burning questions about her ex, Kanye West, with whom she said she's not been in contact since they announced their separation after two months of a whirlwind romance.

Julia Fox says Kanye is harmless

Kanye West has been raising some eyebrows with how he is treating his ex-wife Kim Kardashian on Instagram, and Kardashian's boyfriend, Pete Davidson, threatening him in his latest music video.

THIS Is What Julia Fox Thinks About Kanye West's Drama With Pete Davidson

While out for a stroll in her neighbourhood, Fox was approached by TMZ and asked what she thought of the ongoing drama with her ex. She was questioned if she thought that Kardashian needed to be cautious around West's behaviour.

"No, no, no, no, Kanye’s harmless," she said. West, who was blocked from using Instagram for 24 hours, recently posted a slew of rants dissing Davidson and Kardashian for allowing their daughter, North, 8, to use TikTok.

"I just think that’s his artistic creative expression," she went on to say.

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She continued, "I know it’s aggressive, but I think if it really came down to it, I don’t think Kanye would hurt a fly."

West, who mentions in his new track "Eazy" that he wants to "Beat Pete Davidson's ass", also came under fire from Trevor Noah, who said it's behaviour like this that leads to violence against women.

This led to West clapping back with calling Noah a racial slur, which had him banned from Instagram for the next 24 hours. 

Kim Kardashian didn't seem bothered by what West has been saying about their co-parenting lifestyle, saying that it's just a "false narrative". The Kardashian family have just come out with the full-length trailer of their new Hulu series, which is available to stream on Disney+ in April.