• Kim Kardashian shares photos of her and Davidson
  • Kardashian posts the first selfie of the couple
  • The star also references the movie The Town

Kim Kardashian has officially taken her relationship with Pete Davidson to the next level— social media! Kardashian made a new Instagram post on Friday that saw her include some pictures of her and Davidson together for the first time, which certainly has fans excited!

Kardashian and Davidson take black and white selfie

Kardashian began her post with a photo of herself in a glitzy, over-the-top outfit that consists of a big coat, sunglasses, and tall silver boots. While her look is certainly eye-catching, the images that follow are what really caught people's attention! That's because Kardashian has shared some pictures of her and Davidson together on Instagram for the first time since they started dating.

The two stars began dating last year and Davidson has referred to Kardashian as his girlfriend. However, they have avoided stepping out together at any public events. In the pictures Kardashian shared, she and Davidson appear to be in a hotel hallway together. The SNL star wears a brown jacket and plaid shirt as he lies down looking up at her in the first photo. And in the second photo, the couple poses together for a black and white selfie! 

Also interesting:

Kardashian also included a quote from the 2010 movie The Town in the post, using one of the lines as her caption. "Whose car are we gonna take?" she wrote. Fans were certainly excited to see pictures of Kardashian and Davidson together, and Kardashian's sister Khloe even commented on the post! "I love this," she said. Even though Kardashian hasn't revealed much about her new relationship, she recently hinted that fans will soon find out more about it!