• Julia Stiles is a beloved actress and now director
  • She is debuting as a filmmaker while revealing a new baby
  • HERE is an inside look at Julia's life now

Amidst embracing the joys and challenges of motherhood, Stiles has also ventured into directing, marking a significant milestone in her career. Let's look at the details of her life's latest developments, including her secretive pregnancy and her thoughts on balancing motherhood with directing.

A Secret Bundle of Joy!

Oh baby, oh baby! Julia Stiles, the Hollywood darling known for her role in '10 Things I Hate About You,' has just dropped some major news that's got everyone talking! Not only has she welcomed her third bundle of joy with hubby Preston Cook, but she's also taken a giant leap into the world of directing. Talk about a power move!

Julia Stiles, at the age of 43, has once again embraced motherhood, welcoming her third child into the world. But here's the kicker - she and Preston have been super secretive about it!

No name, no sex, no adorable baby pics flooding our social feeds. In fact, Julia confessed to 'The New York Times', "I didn't really talk about it." How's that for a surprise?

But wait, there's more! While juggling diapers and nighttime feedings, Julia has been busy directing her first movie. Yes, you heard that right! The film, an adaptation of Renée Carlino's novel 'Wish You Were Here,' wrapped up filming in February. Talk about multitasking!

According to Julia, being a mom to Strummer (6), Arlo (2), and the new baby has been the perfect prep for her directorial debut. "You have to think ten steps ahead but also be in the present moment," she shared. It's all about time management, sensitivity, and setting boundaries - skills she's mastered as a mom.

Despite the excitement, Julia and Preston have decided to keep the details of their newest addition private. It's a rare move in today's overshare culture, but it's clear they're cherishing these moments away from the public eye.

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Julia Stiles has once again proven she's full of surprises - a new baby and a new career path, all while keeping it hush-hush.

As fans eagerly await more details, one thing's for sure - Julia's journey into motherhood and directing is just beginning, and we can't wait to see where it takes her!