• Bonnie Hunt has been in some of our favourite films
  • Her career spans multiple decades and genres 
  • She is still acting today

Bonnie Hunt has always made a splash in Hollywood

Bonnie Hunt's international breakthrough came in 1995 with 'Jumanji', where she played "Sarah Whittle".

She later worked with her good friend David Letterman to produce 'The Building' and then 'The Bonnie Hunt Show'. The latter, inspired by 'Live with Regis and Kelly', aired in 17 of the top 20 U.S. television markets and received multiple Emmy nominations and a Gracie Award.

She had a successful talk show

Hunt's talk show aired from 2008 to 2010. The show began with an opening monologue, followed by guest interviews and games with the audience.

Many of the show's staffers were longtime friends of Hunt's from Chicago, and her mother Alice frequently appeared on webcasts from her Chicago home.

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Bonnie Hunt has subsequently starred in many films and series and has also done voice work, including for 'Cars' and 'Toy Story 3'.

She played mom "Kate Baker" in the hilarious family comedy 'Cheaper by the Dozen' alongside Steve Martin. She was also the voice of "Bonnie Hopps" in 'Zootopia'.

Bonnie Hunt was once married. However, during a talk show appearance in 2006, she implied she was single again.

A short time later, she confirmed her divorce. Bonnie Hunt always gives glimpses of her life on Instagram