• Kanye West and Bianca Censori are usually quite private
  • Kanye has shocked fans with a very racy photo of Bianca
  • Fans were quick to question the snap

Hold onto your hats, folks, because Kanye West who is a rapper and fashion mogul has given fans something else to talk about completely. His wife Bianca Censori are turning up the heat on Instagram with some seriously spicy fashion choices! The dynamic duo, who secretly said "I do" with a hush-hush marriage ceremony last December, are not shy about flaunting their love... or their skin!

Kanye is flaunting all the goods here

On January 2nd, Kanye dropped a bombshell on his usually quiet Instagram with a series of snaps that had jaws dropping and tongues wagging. The first pic? Bianca rocking a minuscule pair of string undies and a fur bandeau top that left little to the imagination. "No pants this year," Kanye boldly captioned, setting the tone for a year of fashion rebellion.

Fans weren't too receptive to this. "Bro... Repent and turn back to God" one comment read. "Are you done humiliating this woman or what?" a user said. "i feel sorry for this girls family, they’ve lost her to this," another fan posted.

Others were quick to point out Bianca's resemblance to Kanye's ex-wife Kim Kardashian. "i swear i thought that was kim" another user commented. But why stop at one daring outfit? The Australian bombshell switched it up with a high-waist leather corset thong and a tiny string bikini top, all under a dramatic trench coat. And Kanye? He was right there with her, rocking his signature all-black ensemble and a matching leather trench.

Again the comments and critiques were on point:

"North be wondering if this is how she's supposed to become to be loved by men," one posted. "It’s giving Kim kardashian dupe," another said. "But he didn’t like when Kim showed too much," one recalled.

And then there was one more. "This is kind of creepy cus she's ur wife, and ur treating her like a human dominatrix doll... not it," a user posted.

Kanye and Bianca were first linked to each other in January 2023, but were actually married in 2022, per 'US Weekly.' Before Bianca, Ye was famously married to 'The Kardashians' star from 2014 until their divorce was finalized in November 2022. 

Also interesting:

While many fans lapped up the couple's bold fashion statement, others were left scratching their heads, pleading for Kanye to "drop the album" instead of dropping his wife's clothes online. But with their track record of eclectic and scantily-clad appearances, it's clear that Kanye and Bianca are all about pushing boundaries.

Bianca's been seen sporting everything from pillows to stuffed animals, all part of Kanye's creative vision, no doubt. So, what's next for this controversial couple? Only time will tell, but one thing's for sure: they've got our attention!