• Kanye West runs his own private school
  • He is being sued by former employees
  • The claimants allege terrible working conditions

According to the women, Donda Academy was guilty of unlawful educational practices as well as health and safety violations. The school also reportedly had strange rules in place. The women claim that students weren't allowed to bring outside food or drink, with the exception of water.

Kanye is no stranger to legal troubles

But that's not all, as it seems to get crazier from there. According to them, the only lunch option every single day was reportedly sushi, and kids weren't allowed to use forks or utensils. What's more, classes allegedly couldn't be held on the upper floor of the building because Ye is "afraid of stairs."

Also interesting:

The women also say that no artwork was allowed on the walls, and jewelry couldn't be worn because Ye "did not like jewelry." Kids either had to stand all day or sit on foam cushions because there were allegedly no chairs...

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