• Karen Grassle has written a new book
  • She writes about her Little House on the Prairie days
  • Grassle revealed what caused Victor French's death

In her new book, Karen Grassle writes about her youth, the series and her co-stars. She has a lot to say about actor Michael Landon in particular, but she also devotes a few lines to co-star Victor French. French played "Isaiah Edwards", a neighbor of the "Ingalls" family!

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As Karen writes in her memoir, she was very fond of her co-star. She highlights one moment in particular in their long collaboration: "One day Vic and I were sitting on a log and getting to know each other better. He loved to talk. I made the acquaintance of this tall, chubby man, whose rough face matched his costume, who had such a love for his work and for his son."

Karen Grassle Reveals How 'Little House on the Prairie' Star Victor French Actually Died

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