• 'Little House on the Prairie' was a popular series
  • Karen Grassle starred in the show
  • Learn more about the "secret weapon" of the series

Karen Grassle reflects on her time on Little House on the Prairie in her new book Bright Lights, Prairie Dust.

In the memoir, she admits her fears and that she had a crush on co-star Michael Landon. Grassle also reveals which person played a particularly important role on the set.

Little House on the Prairie: HE was the "secret weapon"

Karen Grassle writes in her book that production manager Kent McCray was the "secret weapon" on the set of Little House.

He took on many organizational tasks and was indispensable to the team. The actress raves that under his direction everything "worked beautifully."

The "Ma Ingalls" actress, who didn't much care for her role, could always rely on McCray. "I counted on him, depended on him, and knew if I had an issue with anything, I could take it to Kent," writes Grassle.

According to her, McCray was always helpful and solved problems even when they were not his responsibility.

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By the sound of it, the series that means so much to so many people wouldn't have been the same without Kent McCray.

Like Grassle, McCray himself published a book in 2017. In it, he happily thinks back to his many years spent on Little House.

Kent McCray died in June 2018 at the age of 89.

From Grassle's memoir, other big headlines have included the co-star she had an affair with, and her allegations of being mistreated by Michael Landon.