• Gary Goldsmith has unleashed
  • Kate Middleton's uncle is starring in 'Celebrity Big Brother'
  • THIS is what he said about the family affairs

Gary talked about Meghan Markle's impact on the royal family, King Charles III's commendable leadership, and the unwavering support for Kate's recovery post-surgery. Dive into the exclusive royal insights as Goldsmith critiques the Sussexes and lauds the Cambridges as the royal family's saving grace.

What did Gary say?

It's all glitz, glamour, and gossip in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house, and Gary Goldsmith is stirring the royal pot! Gary, the outspoken uncle of Princess Kate Middleton, isn't holding back his royal opinions—and we're here for the tea!

Gary's gushing over his niece Kate and her hubby, Prince William, is giving us all the feels. He's calling them the "savior[s] of the royal family," and we can't help but nod in agreement. These two are royal gold!

Move over, critics! Gary's in the corner of King Charles III, praising his "spectacular job" since taking the throne. It looks like Charles is winning hearts, one royal relative at a time.

But when it comes to Meghan Markle, Gary's not mincing words. He's accusing her of creating "so much drama" and unfairly rewriting Harry's history. Ouch! That's got to sting, Sussexes!

Throwing your family under a bus? Gary thinks that's a royal no-no, especially when it comes to penning tell-all books. Don't expect a Christmas invite if you're airing dirty laundry, Harry and Meghan!

Royal expert Christopher Andersen chimes in, hinting that the bond between Harry and Kate might be beyond repair. With Kate's recent health scare, the tensions are palpable. Will the royal fabric mend, or is it frayed forever?

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Despite the drama, Gary sheds light on Kate's recovery, emphasizing the family's support and her top-notch care. It's all about family first for the Middletons and the Windsors.