Katherine Schwarzenegger shared that she feels grateful to have Chris Pratt around while she's an expectant mother!

As Entertainment Tonight shares, Schwarzenegger talked about what pregnancy has been like for her during an Instagram Live with her friend, Dr. Zelana Montminy, on Thursday.

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Schwarzenegger says "it's been amazing" to have Pratt at home

Schwarzenegger was first congratulated on her pregnancy by Dr. Montminy, before she asked the mom-to-be how she's been coping. "Really well, actually. I'm really lucky to be living in very close proximity to my family, which has been very helpful," Schwarzenegger said, according to Entertainment Tonight.

"And then, obviously, I have a very wonderful husband who's very, it's been amazing having him home and also very understanding about my need to sanitize everything, having everyone wear masks all the time. That's been helpful."

Schwarzenegger mentioned as well that Dr. Montminy has been a great resource for her during quarantine. "Also, having people like you who I text constantly about everything baby because I'm learning as I go and it's been an interesting time to be pregnant," Schwarzenegger said to her. 

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Schwarzenegger and Pratt "are thankful for their alone time"

Schwarzenegger and Pratt celebrated their one year wedding anniversary earlier this month! "Chris and Katherine have had an incredible first year of marriage," a source shared with Entertainment Tonight. "The couple plans to celebrate their first wedding anniversary today with something small as their baby is set to arrive soon."

"Chris and Katherine are thankful for their alone time recently, as it has allowed them to enjoy the pregnancy together, giving them a forced sense of time to relax and prepare," the source went on to say. "They know their baby is coming soon and can’t wait to welcome their new addition."

Schwarzenegger's mother "not embracing" title of "grandma"

Schwarzenegger's mother, Maria Shriver, also talked to Entertainment Tonight about her daughter's pregnancy. "I'm really proud of her. Obviously she and Chris are super happy," Maria said of the couple. "They're a blessing to each other."

However, when it comes to the idea of being a grandma, Shriver admitted she doesn't love the term! "I'm not embracing that name exactly," she joked.

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