• Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz have been married since 2019
  • The couple were together for 12 years
  • They filed for divorce this past February

Despite all the wild headlines and fan speculations, Vanderpump Rules alum Katie Maloney is saying that she's done with the whispers on why she and Tom Schwartz called it quits.

Katie Maloney says she wanted to keep it private

The reality star announced on her Instagram in February that she and Tom Schwartz were ending their marriage after 12 years of partnership, although they had only been married for 3 years.

While some fans were shocked and saddened to hear the news, it had been a long time coming, according to some inside sources close to the couple. 

Katie Maloney visits the DIRECTV SPACE at Neon Carnival

"We were trying to just keep it private and go through some motions and all of that just between us and tell on a need-to-know basis some friends and family before we made anything public," she said when she appeared this week on the Relationsh*t podcast.

"It just started creeping out there. So we then went to Instagram as you do," she said, noting that her own podcast, You're Gonna Love Me, was on her mind as a way to share the news, but ultimately decided against it.

"I got really massively uncomfortable and had all sorts of anxiety once there were all these things swelling around," she said. "I don't like people speaking for me and saying things that maybe aren't true."

Maloney also shared that she felt even scared to tell those closest to her that she was considering ending things with Schwartz, and her family's response helped make her decision clear. 

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She said, "Finally when I did open up and talk to my best friend and my mom, they were like, 'Katie, we've seen it. We've seen the dynamic between you guys. And as long as you were happy, we just thought, Well, if she's happy, then fine. But you don't deserve this.'"

The "this" that the family spoke of was elaborated a bit more by Maloney, but fans of the show know what she's referring to. Schwartz's apparent inability to stand up for his wife, as well as frequent behaviours that were immature, Maloney finally had enough. 

"You sit around and wait for someone to start behaving differently or act right. And then it's just like, why am I sitting, hoping and waiting for something like that?" she said.

She continued, "When my behaviour was destructive and hurtful to the relationship, I got my s--t together because God forbid I destroy this relationship that is so important to me."

And while they're still friends and roommates, awkwardly enough, Maloney says there are still no negative feelings toward one another.

"We still do things together. We have some of the same group of friends and we have dogs that we're gonna split custody of," she said. "He's family to me, and I'm always going to love him, so our friendship is very important to both of us."