Katy Perry is opening up about her time married to Russell Brand, the notorious British bad boy, and talks about the whirlwind of emotions it was for her.

Currently engaged to Orlando Bloom, the "Daisies" singer is telling it all and explains how the marriage changed her.

The two-year destructive marriage

Before the birth of her first child, little Daisy Dove Bloom, Katy Perry took the time to sit with 60 Minutes Australia to talk about a variety of things, most notably her two-year whirlwind of marriage to British actor, Russell Brand.

Perry revealed her time with Brand was "the first breaking of my idealistic mind."

"I was having great success at 23, 24, and 25, and then I met someone that was interesting and stimulating. It was just like a tornado. It was everything happening at once," she said.

Perry also revealed she "always resonated with friction and resistance and challenges."

"I know that inherently [about myself]. Like, 'OK, it’s gonna take a lot of work but oh, we’re gonna get somewhere great,' or, 'It’s gonna be a beautiful diamond. All this pressure is gonna turn into [that],'" she added.

Following her two year marriage in 2010 - 2012, Perry was briefly engaged to John Mayer, with whom she also described their relationship as "tumultuous."

Ending things in 2014, Perry and Orlando Bloom entered a relationship that Perry says is "very open, very communicative, nothing is swept under the mat."

"It’s like, we should probably walk into the other room if we’re going to discuss something where we disagree because we’ll do it in public," she said.

"If we can get to the end of our lives together, we’ll be each other’s greatest teachers. This is solid. This is, like, the main course," she added, noting that it was "healthy friction."

Perry added of her pregnancy, "I’m excited for this human to come in and have an unconditional love bond until about 13 when she doesn’t want to hear about anything I have to say."

Watch the full interview below!