Katy Perry has opened up about how she wants to raise her baby girl! In an exclusive interview for Entertainment Tonight, Perry talked about why she feels it's so important to be a supportive and open-minded parent!

Perry wants her daughter to "lean into the magic in life"

Perry revealed that she's looking forward to giving her future daughter the freedom she herself didn't have when she was younger. "I am just excited to be able to raise her in a different way than what I was raised and to let her think for herself and have choice and discover and just lean into the magic in life and dress like whatever she wants to dress like for Halloween," she shared. "That is going to be really, really important."

As Entertainment Tonight mentions, Perry had a strict religious upbringing, as her parents Mary and Maurice were both pastors. She even tried to make it as a gospel singer before she made it big as a pop star! "I was never allowed to go trick-or-treating or dress up, which is probably why I make up for it so much." Perry admitted. "I'm excited. We're here to support her." 

Perry calls her new album Smile "full of light and joy"

Perry also talked about the upcoming release of her new album Smile, which was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic! She admitted that she's not sure if her baby girl— who she's expecting with fiancé Orlando Bloom— will arrive before Smile drops! "I don't know who's going to come first, her or the record," Perry said. "We'll see what kind of headline she wants, if she wants to be the opener or the closer. I have a feeling that she does not follow." 

Despite the pandemic delaying her album, Perry is glad it still has a summer release. "I'm just grateful that I get to do it this summer. It's a summer record and it's full of hopefulness, it's full of light and joy and it's not just taking up space and noise," she told Entertainment Tonight

Perry previously opened up about her journey with depression over the past couple of years, and said she hopes Smile can help her fans through tough times! "I hope that these songs which I wrote going through one of the darkest times of my life could be inspirational to anyone else that's going through whatever they're going through," she explained, "because music has always been that for me." 

Perry on being in her 30s: "I am just not on the pop star rodeo"

Perry went on to share that while Smile has "the same type of energy" as her 2010 pop album Teenage Dream, she's not in the same place she was when that album came out. But as she explained, that's not necessarily a bad thing!  "Personally, I feel like everyone changes from their 20s to their 30s whether you like it or not," Perry said.

"I am so proud of everything I have been able to put out and I love it and I love that Teenage Dream became like a real cool marker for numbers... but I definitely don't live in that headspace anymore," she continued. "I have more dimension and life. I am experiencing all of it. I am just not on the pop star rodeo, but I like jumping on and jumping off everyone once in a while." 

Perry says music is "something that really makes me happy"

Perry also said that after she becomes a mother, she doesn't see herself leaving the music industry! "A lot of people have asked me, 'Are you gonna, like, go away?' and I'm like, 'I mean, doesn't Beyoncé have, like, three kids and she's still putting out Black Is King?" Perry said. "She is doing the best. Her whole life is amazing."

"I don't feel like you have to choose between what you love and what you love, and for me this doesn't feel like work," she went on to explain. "It feels like just something that really makes me happy. And I would hope that my happiness is [my daughter's] happiness and her happiness is my happiness." 

"I'm so excited for both deliveries -- obviously the child and obviously the record," she enthused. "I think 2020 may have a silver lining for me." As Entertainment Tonight shares, Perry is also planning to return to work as a judge on the new season of American Idol in the fall, and has other upcoming projects! We're glad to hear that even after Smile is released, we haven't heard the last of the pop star! 

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