Katy Perry wants the world to know why she and Taylor Swift decided to reconcile! As People shares, Perry appeared on The Howard Stern Show on Tuesday, where she opened up about what led to the two making amends.

Perry says she and Swift "got to be an example of redemption"

Perry was candid about why it took so long for her to reconcile with her fellow pop star. "Gossip in life can take the elevator but the truth takes the stairs. It just takes time," she said, commenting on how the media overdramatized the situation. 

According to her though, it was important that she and Swift make up in the public eye for the sake of their young fans. "What I’m so grateful for is we did get to make up publicly and got to be an example of redemption for young girls," she explained.

Perry and Swift reunited for "You Need To Calm Down" video

Perry said that she and Swift are now "super friendly" with one another. "I always wanted the best for her and now we can talk about the best we want for each other," Perry shared. As People mentions, Swift's "Bad Blood" was allegedly inspired by Perry, Perry's diss track "Swish Swish" was seemingly inspired by Swift.

However, the two came together for Swift's "You Need To Calm Down" music video, with Perry dressed as a giant burger and Swift in a french fry costume! Perry and Swift can be seen embracing at the end of the video, showing that they've put the feud to rest and are on much friendlier terms!

Perry was candid with Ellen DeGeneres about feud last year

Perry's interview on The Howard Stern Show wasn't the first time she'd publically addressed her feud with Swift! "It was actually just a misunderstanding but we have such big groups of people that like to follow us, and so they kind of started turning against each other a little bit too," she said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last year.

She explained to DeGeneres that she'd "sent a literal olive branch" to Swift during her Reputation tour in 2018, which began the path to their reconciliation. Perry also addressed the double standard when it comes to how the media treats women during the interview.

"You never see, like, articles about Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber in a fight or Shawn Mendes and Niall Horan in a fight,” she said. "It gonna take audiences and media and artists a lot of just shifting of consciousness." Now that Perry and Swift have made up, perhaps those rumours of a collab between the two pop stars could come true in the future!

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